Sunday, 29 March 2015


A recent trip to the ballet, something I'm not exactly accustomed to, called for a slightly less natural make-up look and being completely unsure of what to go for, I decided to go for the classic. Admittedly it seemed the safe option but when in doubt a red lip always goes down well and paired with gold, shimmery eyes and natural, glow-y skin, well, what's not to like? 

For my base I stuck to my usual which I talk about here, and skipped the blush as I didn't fancy a pink face alongside a red lip but I did opt for a good helping of my favorite highlighter, The Balm's Mary Lou-Manizer, and left it there; natural, light and if I'm honest...easy. 

For my eyes I started with one of Bourjois' most recent additions to the family, their Colourband Shadow Sticks in the shade Beige Minimal which is a neutral, gold, shimmery shade that I like to apply all over my lids as well as on my lower lash line. It adds a really nice sheen to the lids and also works well under other shadows, working as a base, helping powder shadows to stay put for longer which puts it in my good books. I then deepened it up with my beautiful No7 palette which I was lucky to receive around Christmas time and, if I remember correctly, was part of a Christmas collection from the brand. Although not available any more most the shades are sold as individual shadows or are in some of their smaller palettes they sell. I opted for shade 14 which is taken from their Golden Trio and blended in into my crease which adds a gorgeous, bronzed look to the eyes. I then lined my upper lash line with By Terry's, Khol Terrybly Color Eye Pencil in Bronze Generation which is the most amazing eyeliner. It's long lasting, pigmented and easy to apply, great for any eyeliner noobs like me and the shade Bronze generation is a Jet black with a subtle golden shimmer which complemented my golden eye shadows very well. I then added lashings of No7's Lash Impact mascara for voluminous, long lashes and lined my water line with a nude liner to open up and brighten my eyes.

In hope that it would help my lipstick last all night I used Max Factor's Color Elix Liner in the shade Red Rush. Although extremely long lasting and pigmented I was disappointed by this product because of the fact it isn't really red, more like a deep pink which then made the red lipstick I applied on top look pink as well. I would recommend this product for quality and price but I wouldn't trust their names as they are very deceiving. Over the top of my liner I then applied Bourjois' Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in the shade Grand Cru which is a very deep, matte red. I love the finish and colour of this product but found it not to be as long lasting as I expected or hoped but it's a beautiful shade and adds a slight twist on the classic red lip. 

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


With the past two months being 'No money months' I have completely rediscovered my love for the Drugstore with many new discoveries finding their way to my everyday makeup along with some old, affordable favorites. Admittedly there are some things you just can't find in your local Boots but some budget friendly brands are just brilliant and offer great value for money on some faultless products.

When it comes to brows I've never had much trust in the more affordable brands, as their shade choice can be poor and disappointing for someone with sparse, light blonde brows like myself but recently I've discovered two great products that have completely restored my faith in the Drugstore. Admittedly my first favourite isn't anything particularly special and isn't the best quality product out there but it has managed to find it's way into my most loved recently because it's a shade that actually matches my brows. For some reason budget brands just can't do brows and the shades are always dark, red-y brows that aren't great for me, with the light blonde hair so when I do find a shade that works I immediately fall in love and the product I've been using everyday for the past month is Maybelline's Master Shape, Brow Pencil. A product that has completely transformed my sparse brows has been LOreal's, Brow Plumper, the long wand means it's much easier to use than the annoyingly short wands of most other drugstore brow gels and the perfectly sized brush and the great gel leaves your brows fully plumped and set in place all day without being shiny or crusty. 

When it comes to concealer I haven't strayed away from the usual, Wake me Up but the recent cold weather has made me appreciate it's powers of transforming dull skin and under eye circles into something of the past. It's perfect for any where you need brightening and offers great coverage that lasts all day. 

For eyes I've been loving two No7 products, A Stay Perfect Eye-shadow in Truffle which is a gorgeous bronze-y brown shade, not the bright blue that the website says it is and their Stay Perfect Shade and Define, cream Shadow stick in Gunmetal Grey which is a gorgeous shimmery, grey shade with slight purple undertones that complement my green eyes perfectly. I've been rotating between these products all month as, unfortunately they do not complement one another and they both, like all No7 products are faultless with packaging that rivals those of a high end brand. Admittedly not the most affordable brand, No7 is the more expensive side of Drugstore but all their products are great quality. 

Another favorite when it comes to eyes has been Bourjois' new addition to the family, the Colorband cream Eye-shadow and Liner in the shades Beige Minimal, Rose Fauviste and Brun Dadaiste . All a gorgeous shades perfect for the transition between winter and spring as they add a gorgeous, pigmented sheen to the lids and the cream formula makes them long lasting and perfect for layering power eye-shadows over the top or on their own as a more natural tint of colour.

Sunday, 22 February 2015


When it comes to make-up one thing I think makes all the difference is a good highlighter, it can add a gorgeous glow that can help your whole complexion look so much healthier and alive. I've tried many and one that has stood out massively from the crowd is, The Balm's, Mary Lou-Manizer. As well as having a great name and sturdy packaging with a big mirror (always a selling point) the powder it's self is A-MAY-ZING! 

It's a gorgeous golden, honey-hued highlighter that has no obvious shimmer or pieces of glitter but instead adds a beautiful and natural sheen to the top of the cheeks that is really flattering and pretty.The powder is really pigmented and applies nicely on to the skin without disturbing the rest of your make-up. As well as looking great on the top of your cheek bones it looks great as an inner corner highlight on your eyes, on your brow bone, the top of your nose or even as a eye-shadow. It's a super versatile product that looks great no matter how or where you wear it.   

Considering it's great quality the price tag isn't hefty and I can see this powder lasting me forever because of the super pigmented formula and the size of the compact, I can't see my self hitting pan anytime soon, despite it being used daily. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


My current base has probably got to be my favorite combination of products I've ever used. I've managed to find that perfect dewy glow and long lasting coverage combination that has really helped my skin look healthy all day when in reality it is just like the horrible winter weather; grey, dull and in need of a little sunshine, aren't we all?

For primer, surprise, surprise it's Laura Mercier's foundation primer. I'm nearing the end of my second tube of this stuff and I've already got my self the next. My favorite primer ever, it helps my make-up last all day while giving it a glowy, smooth complexion. What I love most about this primer is the texture, unlike most primers that are either too silicone-y and feel thick and heavy on the skin or are too much like a moisturizer and do absolutely nothing to help your make-up last longer, this primer sits perfectly in the middle. It has a smooth, pleasant texture that feels really hydrating and soothing on the skin but still helps to smooth out imperfections and acts as an adhesive for your foundation, creating a long lasting base. The packaging is travel friendly and easy to use and clean which is always great but still feels and looks luxurious. 

For my foundation I've really been loving something that helps hide my tired winter skin and angry breakouts while still looking super natural and a foundation that does all that is Bourjois' Healthy Mix. One of my favorite foundations, it transforms my dull skin and helps it look healthy and has a gorgeous natural dewy finish that lasts all day. 

To hide my nasty under-eye circles I've been loving Rimmel's Wake Me Up concealer. Bought in the lightest shade it acts as a luminous coverage that helps counteract those awful blue tones of my under eye circles because of the subtle yellow tones. 

                                         What base products are you currently loving?

Thursday, 5 February 2015


My make-up routine has had a complete re-ramp lately in hope for a fresh, dewy look to reflect how desperate I am for Spring to start which you'll see in my up and coming posts and the blush I've been wearing every single day since I got it is Nars' Lokoum cream blush. It looks like a deep pink or red in the pan but in reality is a warm coral shade with a really subtle shimmer. It gives a really gorgeous pop of colour to the cheeks and gives my face a really fresh, healthy look. It also has obvious raspberry and copper tones that are visible in the pan, it probably changes on different skin tone, on me it appears more pink than coral and despite the dark appearance in the pan, looks fresh and summery, great for anyone missing the sun. 

The cream formula means it looks super natural but it has quite a velvety texture that gives a slightly powdery finish and it's really pigmented so a tiny amount gives a gorgeous flush of colour but could be built up where the slight 'redy', brown tones give an almost sun kissed look to the face.  The shimmer is very subtle and you can hardly notice it which is great for anyone with shimmer fear like me but still gives a nice glow which complements the slight powdery finish nicely. 

Overall this is such a gorgeous blush that adds a touch of summer to any make-up routine in theses dark, winter months but the deeper tones means it still works well for this time of year. It has become an absolute favorite of mine and wish I'd bought sooner. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


My love of minis is obvious from the amount of times I've mentioned products from my ridiculously big collection. From face creams, to make-up, hair care to bath products, anything any beauty lover needs, I probably have it in mini. Admittedly my unnecessarily large stash of minis is a little unjustified because I haven't been or am I planning on going away in the next few months but I do find it handy to be able to form a complete opinion on a product before buying the full size.

A hair combination that I've really loved trying out is The John Masters Organics, Lavender  and Rosemary Shampoo and Citrus and Neroli Detangler. Both these products smell gorgeous, with a herbal-e, medicinal scent that is both relaxing and calming. They leave your hair feeling soft, clean and seriously nourished and leave your hair smelling amazing.

Two face masks that have completely transformed my dull winter skin are The GlamGlow YouthMud Tingle-Exfoliate treatment and The Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask. The GlamGlow really helps to detox the skin, helping with any blemishes, congestion and dry patches, leaving my skin really smooth and clear. The Sisley mask is unlike any mask I've ever used, instead of focusing on breakouts and blackheads, it gives my skin a complete hydration boost, leaving it with the most amazing glow and dewy look in under 10 minutes. Both these masks are just amazing but a little part of me wishes that I didn't love them as much as I do because the price of the full size products makes me wince a little inside.

A face cream I'm also loving is The L'Occitane Precious Cream, super hydrating and moisturising, it leaves my skin feeling soft and plump without feeling greasy as is absorbs into the skin instantly. The cream is packed full of all sorts of goodies and is really gentle yet effective on dry skin in need of a good pamper.   

Two other skin care products I've been trying, that I haven't been loving quite so much are Clinque's Turnaround Concentrate and The BioEffect EGF Serum. My dislike for these products doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the quality pf the products of brands it's just down to the fact they caused my skin to break out, in fact if it wan't for that I would really like Clinque's Turnaround Concentrate as I did see a visible difference in my skin but The BioEffect serum is so ridiculously pricey (We're talking over £100) for results that weren't particularly spectacular I wouldn't even consider a repurchase.