Saturday, 8 August 2015


Pink, iconic for its for its girlishness and connections to femininity, and for any expectant parent or little girl a representation of the female gender as a whole, yet, probably because of it's now patronizing and sickly connotations it is now a colour hated by many women.
 It's over use in advertising as companies attempt to target products towards women using pink because of the stereotype all women love it, and this separation from birth, using pastel pink and blue as a form of identification of a child's gender.
Hating pink is now the norm amoungst women instead of a rebellious movement it once was when the colour was first molded into the patronizing and over used shade forced into a girl's life and wardrobe.
So it got me thinking, is wearing pink now becoming rebellious?
 As if the irony of an independent, self-minded woman wearing a shade so commonly linked to a man's idea of what is feminine and what a woman wants, gives an outfit humor and a sarcastic flare. And what woman doesn't love to be sarcastic? It's certainly a thought I love the sound off with pink being one of the biggest next season trends and it will certainly be something I say when people question the colour choice as I wear it over the next few months, Well, I love pink, its flirty and fun and has a sense of individuality that's completely unique and I hope to be seeing a lot more of it in the next few months.     

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


No, this post isn't revealing my knew secret identity as Princess Consuela... for all you Friends watchers out there... but this is a post to reveal the slightly different direction my blog is heading in. It's not drastically different but hopefully my new name and look should reflect how my blog has grown up with me and my intentions to include a lot more fashion posts in the future. Despite my love for all things beauty and the fact I'd be happy to absorbe myself completely into the world of make-up and skincare, I do fear I've lost myself and my blog and have headed too deep into the sea of cosmetics and forgotten my intentions completely, and that was to use this platform to put my love of fashion into words. You'll still be seeing beauty product reviews, make-up and skincare routines but with some fashion and outfit posts mixed into the collection.

My Blog address will stay the same to insure you can all still find me and so that my little space on the internet won't just disappear but my name is different as is the overall look of my blog. I hope you all enjoy the journey down this new and slightly different path and stay with my along the way and I hope it becomes a nicer blog for you all to read and a nicer one for me to post on.

Saturday, 13 June 2015


When it comes to make-up it's easy to get swept up into a whirlwind of promotions and beautiful packaging and end up with over-sold products that aren't worth the hype or the money. Because of this there are many products now sat in my make-up draws, unloved and unused and I just can't bring myself so throw them away because of their hefty price tag or gorgeous packaging. Ridiculous, I know. However there are other make-up products I have purchased, ones I could not fault if I wanted to and are worth every penny and every good review.

In the beauty blogging world, if you were to name one of the most reviewed, loved and cult eye shadow palettes, The Urban Decay Naked family would have to at least cross your mind. Gorgeously packaged in a sleek, practical case with a large mirror and an actually decent brush, it ticks the aesthetic box. But most importantly the product its self is amazing. Twelve buttery and pigmented, beautiful shades in each.each. What ever the make-up look you wanted you would have exactly what you needed from just one of the palettes let alone all three.

Another well hyped product that, to me, is worth every good review is The Laura Mercier Foundation primer. It helps increase the longevity of your make-up while giving your skin a gorgeous healthy glow. The cooling gel smooths onto the skin, creating a perfect base for any make-up without clinging to dry patches, breakouts or pores.

Not necessarily a pricey product but an often reviewed one is the Maybelline Color Tattoo. Despite all the hype it took me a while to buy this product as the colour choice never appealed to me and the only shade that did, On and On Bronze, always seemed to be sold out. But I'm very happy with this little purchase, it's a beautiful product. Long lasting, pigmented and no sign of creasing, this little pot is everything you need from a cream eye shadow.

When it comes to cheeks, Nars blushers are the place to turn to. Their cream blushes, especially, are nicely pigmented and have a long lasting formula that gives a healthy flush of colour to the skin. Their large collections of shades means you'll always find one to suit you or the occasion.

For eye products a brand that has a received a lot of hype is By Terry and seen as my favorite eyeliners are from the brand I can say it's well deserved. They are incredibly long lasting, so much so once its dry it does not budge and the pigmentation is great. The wide range of colours are unique, justifying the price tag along with the sleek packaging.