Wednesday, 21 January 2015


My nails haven't been in the best condition lately, the cold weather drys them up and glitter nail polishes has left them cracked and flakey, all in all they haven't been so great. My nails aren't usually something I feel I need to worry about, they're usually strong, fast growing and with a quick swipe of nail polish they're sorted but lately I thought it was time I really started to take better care of them. With such a huge collection of nail polishes it seems a waste to let my nails get in such bad condition, especially considering how bad they look even when wearing nail polish.

To help my nails strengthen and repair I've been using Sally Hansen's nail rehab which has helped to improve the overall condition of my nails. I wear it on it's own or under other nail polishes to help smooth out my nails and help them grow faster. The colour is a natural, nude/pink that gives a slight tint to the nails and leaves them looking shiny and healthy.

A great base coat that has helped improve the look of my nails when wearing nail polish is the Nails inc Kesington caviar base coat. It helps my nail polish last a lot longer and leaves it looking smooth and flawless. Easy to apply and quick drying it's a great option no matter how bad you are at applying nail polish.

With my cuticles being in really bad condition as well as my nails a face oil I've been loving as a cuticle oil is the Pure Super-Active Overnight face oil. To oily to use on my skin but really great at repairing dry skin this is a great option to help my damaged nails and cuticles and even works well when a few drops are combined with a hand cream to help really dry hands.

Regular application of a good hand cream has also helped my nails get back to their healthy selves allowing me to get back to the constant use of Essie's Fear Or Desire- my all time favorite nail polish!

Friday, 16 January 2015


When on the go it can be easy to over pack and end up with a bag full of beauty products and many, many bobbles yet still not ever have what you need when you need. Getting into the habit of emptying my make up draws into my bag whenever I leave the house has made it very difficult for me to make the transition to using smaller bags as I just can't bring myself to even empty my bag let alone downsize it. 
 But I've finally got myself to create a little bag essentials collection that can be transferred from one bag to another that contains all those super useful and more importantly necessary products that work great when on the go.

  • The boring stuff- This includes all those little bits I just can't leave the house without; bobbles, plasters, clips and paracetamol. This is for all those shoe rubbing, hair messing, head aching emergencies that happen when out and about.
  •  I always travel with a hand cream, it's just essential, but they can often be space wasters which is where my extremely large collection of minis comes in handy. My two favourites are L'Occitane's Shea Vanilla and Burt's Bee's almond and milk.  Despite my love of Burt's Bee's it can be a little greasy which is something that's worth baring in mind if your considering it for a handbag option but for me the great scent makes up for that completely. 
  • The next essential has got to be a good lip balm and no surprises here, it's Radial's stem-cell, super-food lip balm. This is such a great, super nourishing lip balm that keeps my lips plump and soft and the tube packaging means it's great to apply in a rush. 
  • When on the go I still want to smell nice but I don't always want to lug around a full size bottle of perfume but I also don't want a sickly sweet aerosol so I either turn to roll able perfume which I just think are so great or I turn to The body Shop who don't just do mini perfume bottles but also do solid perfumes, a great handbag option as there is no risks of leaks and spillages in the bottom of your bag.    
  • For those daily face top-ups I always like to carry around my Urban Decay's Flushed palette, great for a full cheek top up and the robust, metal packaging and big mirror makes it perfect for in my bag.  
  • When it comes to my hair I only ever carry hairspray when I've curled my locks as usually I just tie it up if it starts getting on my nerves, I just can never be bothered but when I do I really like Kerastase's extra strong hairspray, which I have a mini of. 
The only other thing I usually throw in my bag is the lipstick I'm wearing that day in case of a smudging incident, other than that this is everything I need in my handbag and it's been great to have the extra space.

Thursday, 8 January 2015


 January, my least favourite month. Dark, cold and no longer Christmas. It's safe to say that I'm suffering from the winter blues, and when I am, a great pick me up is a hot, bubbly bath and full body pamper. As well as beauty sets for Christmas and little treats bought for my self over the past few months I've accumulated a rather large amount of bath and body products and many baths to distract me from my January depression has allowed me to try quite a few of them. 

Soap and Glory, one of my all time favourite brands to go to for body products, a range of different products and scents means there's certainly something for everyone. Despite my love of citrus I wasn't expecting to love their Sugar Crush scent, expecting it to be a little too sweet but I was wrong, I love it! It's fresh and zingy and has an almost nutty, indescribable scent. My favourite are the body scrub and wash but I also love the body butter.The scrub is great because it has a slightly oily texture that leaves the skin feeling really nourished and makes the scrub feel much gentler on the skin. 

Another great body scrub is the Ritual's Fortune Scrub, unusual that is lathers into a foamy, soapy scrub and great for it's fresh, subtle scent. It leaves skin smooth, soft and moisturised and has to be my favourite scrub of all time! The tube packaging also makes it hassle free as you don't have to be struggling with annoying screw top lids while attempting to scoop out product- a huge pet hate of mine.  

For smooth soft skin and a great product to use after exfoliating I love the Caudalie Nourishing Body lotion. It's light and quickly absorbed making a great option for mornings but is still extremely hydrating, leaving my skin feeling soft for hours.       

A more unusual option for a moisturiser has to be The body Shop's Vanilla shimmering body lotion, unfortunately they no longer sell this scent but offer very similar products. A great moisturiser that gives a nice shimmer to the skin, perfect for parties and a particular favourite of mine in the summer months.  

Saturday, 3 January 2015


Welcoming a new year and saying goodbye to the last has got me thinking of all the products I've been loving in 2014, some are old favourites I've been loving for years but quite of them are new discoveries that have made their way to my all time favourites and are definitely worth sharing with you. 

A product that has been in many of my posts in 2014 is the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette, great for travelling or perfect for when you don't want to think about what to use as all three shades are super pigmented and look great together. My favourite is the highlighter, it's a slightly golden, honey hued shade that looks gorgeous along the cheek bone. 

Another product I just can't get enough of and has converted me into a primer lover is the Laura Mercier foundation primer, as well as creating a perfect, smooth base for your foundation, it's also super moisturising but still feels light on the skin. It adds a dewy glow to the skin that looks healthy and keeps your foundation looking flawless all day.

A skin care discovery I've really been loving is the REN one minute facial, a great product that transforms my skin so quickly. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft and I've found it even helps with my uneven skin tone and redness. It has a fresh, citrusy scent which I love and the product is rich in vitamin C which helps when my skin is looking grey and dull.

A product that completely transforms my sparse, stubby lashes is Teez's Desert metals mascara. The brush is triangular so all the lashes are evenly even the hard to reach ones in the corners and despite not being a waterproof formula it never budges which is great for panda eye suffers like me. Plus packaging is just gorgeous. 

For my dry, sore hands I usually suffer from in the winter months I've been loving L'Occitane's Vinilla hand cream. It smells so yummy and is super moisturising while still being light and not leaving my hands feeling greasy or sticky.
Another product that has been great for these colder months is the Radial stem cell lip balm. It transforms my dry lips leaving them soft and repaired. It's also plumping so adds volume and gives a glossy sheen to my lips. Two complete handbag essentials in the winter months.

A hair product I really love is the Phillip Kingsley Elasticizer it adds texture that freshly washed hair usually lacks, second day hair with the smell and shine of freshly cleaned hair. Such a great product. 

Monday, 29 December 2014


Definitely my favourite Christmas gift! A silver, Tiffany's bracelet, packaged in a small blue box and cute little bag. It's beyond beautiful and I can't contain my excitement that it's all mine! Finding this under my tree on Christmas day morning was so exciting and I haven't taken it off my wrist since I got it!  Utterly gorgeous, Thank you Santa... and Mum.     

Saturday, 27 December 2014


I love the days that follow Christmas, admittedly not as much as Christmas day but for me it's still part of Christmas and it's a great time to relax in amongst the piles of presents and left over food. It's also a great time for a pamper session, in-between scowering the internet for all the best sales and eating your own body weight in chocolate. 

When it comes to a pamper session a bubbly, hot bath is the obvious choice and if that's the case a few drops of the Maddi Alexander's Rose bath oil and Soap and Glory's Stress-battling bubble bath is the perfect combination for a wonderfully scented, relaxing bath. Both products smell gorgeous and combine to make the perfect bath.

When it comes to a great shower gel that lathers perfectly and smells delicious it's got to be Molton Brown and I really love the Orange and Bergamot scent, it's fruity and fresh yet spicy which makes a perfect winter scent. Another fruity option is the Rituals' Fortune scrub, it's gentle and affective leaving the skin soft, smooth and cleansed. The beads exfoliate the skin while cleansing it and it even lathers into a soapy goodness. 

After getting out of the bath and just before slipping into my Christmas pyjamas (it's OK until January) I like to use the Caudalie Nourishing Body lotion to keep my skin super soft. It's absorbed quickly and feels light on the skin, leaving my whole body hydrated and smooth.
To feel completely relaxed and to help me fall a sleep quickly a few sprays of The pillow spray from This works goes down a treat.